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Welcome to Our Wonderful Preschoolexceeding logo

Established in1975, Kellyville Preschool is situated at the centre of the Kellyville community.  


It is proudly a community based not-for-profit preschool. Formed by a dedicated group of parents and community members, this preschool signifies the value placed on nurturing and educating our children, while bringing families and the community together.


We are committed to maintaining and continuing their vision and are inspired by the relationship which still flourishes between the parents, staff and the community of Kellyville that has been so much a part of our success.


Our Mission Statement

?Providing a strong foundation for all aspects of the developing child through a safe, caring and stimulating learning environment. We recognise the individual child?s needs, including their health and wellbeing, encourage independence and instil respect for others whilst always having fun.?




              "I am sending my children to Kellyville Preschool because it offers such a great program. Children can learn and develop in a stimulating environment and an amazing out door setting. The staff are warm and have a passion for providing the best care possible. I also love being able to help and work with teh preschool to ensure my child gets the most out of his/her year at preschool."                                                                       

  Lauren Allen 2016


"Firstly I would like to say that we are truly blessed to have found a preschool with such a wonderful staff who genuninely care about each child as an individual. The main reason for picking KP was due the culture of learning through play as I firmly believe play develops children's content knowledge and provides them the opportunity to develop social skills, competences and dispostion to learn. The second reason was due to healthy eating program and encouragement from staff to avoid junk food."                                         

Gilda 2016 


"Kellyville Preschool is a wonderful preschool with caring, compassionate and engaging staff who really get to know each family member, not just the child attending the preschool. This kind and friendly attitude extends to the children and helps foster a love of learning from an early age. It is so lovely as a parent to watch your child blossom and grow into a confident and independant little person. I have watched my kids develop at their own pace, pursue their own interests and have their ideas heard. The preschool caters for each individual child's needs and this makes it a very personal experience for each family. I am so happy that we chose Kellyville Preschool and I believe that my children have the best possible start to their education as a result."          

Gemma Dabbs 2016