Our Program

Our program is flexible yet predictable co-constructed by the educators and the children with input from our families always considered.

The NSW Curriculum Framework and the Early Years Learning Framework underpin our planning process.


The Early Years Learning Framework's vision for children's learning is;

"That all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life"

Fundamental to the Framework is a view of children's lives as characterised by;

Belonging, Being, Becoming

Belonging is integral to human experience and is about knowing where and with whom you belong.


Being recognises that childhood is a time to be, to seek and make meaning of the world, recognising the significance of the here and now.


Becoming reflects the process of rapid and significant change that occurs in the early years as young children learn and grow, emphasising learning to participate fully and actively in society.


Service Daily Program

The daily program gives a general guide to the routine  but  is flexible to accommodate the weather, needs/interests of the children. It does not include a formal rest period, with provisions made to support children's need for rest, relaxation or sleep. Please speak with your child's teacher if you feel your child will need a rest/sleep.


The children have access to toileting and hand washing facilities throughout the day. Hand washing occurs when coming in from outdoor play, before meals and to ensure  effective hygiene is maintained.


Service Daily Program


Arrive unpack and put things where  they belong.

Children signed in.

Greeting between staff and families, as children settle to indoor play and continue to arrive


Indoor/ outdoor play including verandah



Morning group time


10.30am -11.00 am

Toilet and hand washing. Morning tea for children during indoor play.

11am - 12.30 pm

Indoor/outdoor play continues and is adjusted to accommodate the weather.


Preparing for lunch, rest and relaxation plus group time.


Toilet and hand washing. Lunch for children and educators.

1.30pm -2.30/   3.00 pm

Indoor/outdoor play. Munch and Move activities.


Indoor time. Afternoon tea available to children. Farewell to families.


Time to go home. Goodbyes. Children signed out.

Service is closed to families.


This program gives a general guide to the daily routine but will be altered to accommodate the needs/interests of the children.