Our Values

Partnerships...we believe the children, staff, parents, families and the wider community need to work in partnership, with honesty and integrity, through open communication and collaboration to provide holistic education and care for all children.


Diversity and equity...we believe that the Kellyville Preschool community acknowledge equity and diversity of gender, culture, skills, background and life experiences.


Respect and caring...we believe positive and rewarding outcomes are best acquired in an environment of acceptance, understanding, tolerance and respect for all.

Growth and innovation... we believe that each member of the preschool community has the right to an environment that nurtures their social, emotional, physical, moral, spiritual and cognitive growth and development while encouraging growth and innovation in teaching and learning.


Opportunity to succeed...we believe in high expectations for each child enabling them to learn through play and enjoyment in an environment that fosters and encourages becoming a lifelong learner.


Safety, security and wellbeing...we believe each member of the preschool community has the right to feel safe and secure, physically and emotionally, in an environment that is nurturing and supportive.



Our Philosophy

We believe the preschool years are special and unique, to be celebrated and honoured as a time to focus on the here and now and their significance in laying the foundation for the children’s future development and learning through life.


A child’s early years determine much of their future development. Research has shown that the first eight years of a child’s life are the formative years and that the opportunities they experience during this time will have lasting and far reaching effects.

We value a strong focus on play based learning with the Educators creating a program based on current research, practice and knowledge of Early Childhood Education plus many years of experience.


We believe the quality and success of our service is reliant on the children, their families and carers, the Educators and staff feeling accepted and supported, valued, acknowledged and welcomed.


We believe our preschool community embraces the children, their families, the Educators and staff and all people associated with the preschool since its very beginning valuing the diversity and uniqueness that is brought to our service by all who participate.


We believe in nurturing a love of the land, nature and animals to enable children to develop respectful, positive and proactive attitudes to our environment and to a sustainable future. We value and embrace our outdoor environment where the children can see, touch, smell, hear and explore the wonders of nature while experiencing the cycles and rhythms of the natural world.


The children will be encouraged and empowered to care for the outdoor environment, to participate respectfully in creating new environments while protecting and maintaining those already established.


Sustainable practices will be encouraged and nurtured to promote actions which are respectful of and responsive to protecting the environment for present and future generations.


We acknowledge the original custodians of this land, the Dharug people and their language and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the community. We pay our respects to Elders past and present.



The Children

The children are viewed as competent, capable and active contributors to the program and to their community. Our program is designed to provide multiple and varied opportunities to “just be” to have fun and be spontaneous, to be delighted and challenged, to explore, investigate, problem solve, observe, theorise and experiment, interact, negotiate, question, plan, rethink and do, keeping in mind that in a play based learning environment learning is occurring all the time.


Children are viewed as unique individuals who bring their diverse talents, skills and life experiences into this group setting. They are encouraged to follow their own interests, to take risks, to become decision makers and co contributors to their learning working with the Educators and each other to achieve their potential while acknowledging and celebrating themselves and their achievements.


Through involvement with others respect for self, others and the environment, tolerance and developing social skills are being encouraged. We believe in creating a preschool community where the children can feel that they belong, can be safe and secure while experiencing a sense of agency, growing independence and authentic interactions in which their rights and views are respected and valued.



The Staff

We believe in providing acceptance and support to promote personal and professional growth for educators and staff to develop their self esteem and confidence. Our Educators are encouraged to share their interests and passions with the children while also been given access to the resources and expertise they


seek to contribute to quality of outcome for the children. Through ongoing education we honour the children and their families by endeavouring to base our work on contemporary perspectives.


Our Educators intentionally and skilfully arrange play experiences and environments that are enhanced by adult facilitation connecting the children’s play with their life experiences and that which the community values and thinks is necessary for children to know. Then, through reflection and meaningful documentation we value the work and the play of the children. In an encouraging and supportive environment we believe children can develop skills, dispositions, knowledge and attitudes as a strong foundation for life which includes the transition to school.



The Families

Working in partnership with the parents we seek to nurture the growth and development of their children. We have a responsibility to our families to create an atmosphere of acceptance, warmth, honesty and open communication which encourages families to participate in our preschool community feeling their contribution, interest and involvement is welcomed and intrinsic to the success of our work together. The elected preschool committees, working collaboratively with the staff, are representative of our families ensuring their voices are heard in the planning, delivery and evaluation of the service.


We recognise and acknowledge the critical role of families in raising children. We seek to support and understand our families so as to compliment the care they provide, to reassure them that their children’s safety, health and wellbeing are integral to our program. We are committed to strengthening and growing the bond between family and service building a safe and secure environment in which to grow such relationships, share the joys and challenges of family life while building a history with families over time and generations.

We believe in providing access to resources, information and support networks which may enhance and strengthen the family unit and the quality of family life.



The Community

We believe that services for children are integral to society, contributing significantly to the community. As a not for profit, partially funded organisation we seek to provide an accessible and affordable service which meets the needs of the local community.

We seek to be positive, active and progressive contributors, reflecting the diversity and uniqueness of our community in the present while moving towards and embracing the changes which will occur in the future.


We invite community interest and involvement.