Our Values

Partnerships...working collaboratively and honestly with the children, their families, the staff and the wider community, to create an inclusive care and education environment in which all participate in decision making.

Diversity and equity...connecting with families to acknowledge and celebrate the rich diversity of gender, culture, skills, background and life experiences represented within the Kellyville Preschool community.

Respect and caring...an environment of acceptance, understanding, tolerance and respect invites and encourages authentic interactions, plus positive and rewarding outcomes.

Growth and innovation...being co-learners with children, families and community, the service values and nurtures a holistic approach to social, emotional, physical, moral, spiritual and cognitive development while encouraging growth, innovation and continuity of learning.

Opportunity to succeed...individual and unique potential will be enabled in an environment that fosters and encourages becoming an independent lifelong learner.

Safety, security and well-being...our community supports the right of everyone to feel a sense of belonging, to be and become in a safe, nurturing and secure environment.

Our Philosophy

We celebrate the early years, with a focus on the here and now, belonging, being and becoming, respecting the significance of early childhood education to laying the foundation for each child's development and well-being, plus love of lifelong learning. We acknowledge that the opportunities children experience in the early, formative years will have a lasting and far reaching impact on their future. We honour the children and their place in the world.

Through building and nurturing strong connections between staff, the children, their families and the community, the success of our service will be built on feeling accepted and supported, valued, acknowledged and welcomed.

We endeavour to capture the spirit and uniqueness of each child, while respecting their views and rights. We listen, ponder, wonder and imagine while learning and growing together.

Our preschool community is open to different cultures and traditions, and embraces the rich diversity brought to our service since its very beginning, by all who participate and contribute.

Our outdoor environment welcomes all, inviting the children to investigate, engage in active play, to see, touch, hear, smell, use natural materials, plus investigate and explore the wonders of nature while experiencing the cycles and rhythms of the natural world. Together we care for the outdoor environment, participate with respect in creating new environments while protecting, honouring and maintaining those already established.

The whole service community works collaboratively to promote actions and sustainable practices which are respectful of, and responsive to, protecting the environment for present and future generations.

We acknowledge the original custodians of the land, the Dharruk/Dharug people, their language and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait people in the community. We pay our respects to elders past and present. Together we grow our knowledge and understanding of the people who have walked this land before and with us.

The Children

The children are empowered to be competent and capable learners, active contributors to the program, the community and our world, to make changes, have a voice, lead their own learning and influence the world's future.

Our program provides multiple opportunities to "just be", to have fun and be spontaneous, to be purposeful, delighted and challenged, to explore, investigate, problem solve, observe, theorise and experiment, interact, negotiate, question, plan, rethink and do. Learning is able to occur all the time in a hands on learning environment that promotes the discovery of which learning opportunities are meaningful, enjoyable, inspiring and engaging for each individual.

Children bring with them their unique and diverse talents, current knowledge, strengths, interests, skills and life experiences. They are encouraged to follow their interests, take risks, learn new skills, make decisions and celebrate themselves and their achievements. Learning is viewed as collaborative - ever evolving in a play-based learning environment, driven and inspired by the contributions of all who participate.

Through respect for self, others and the environment, tolerance and developing social skills and friendships are encouraged. Together we build an environment in which children's rights are respected, where they can belong, feel safe and secure to be and become, and have a sense of agency and a right to be heard, valued and respected.

The families

In partnership with families we have a responsibility to create an environment that is welcoming and embraces acceptance, warmth, honesty and open communication - an environment that invites families to participate, to share their talents, join in and contribute, to be interested and involved and be intrinsic to our success. The elected committees represent our families and ensure their voices are heard in planning, implementing and evaluating the program, in collaboration with educators and staff.

Families are recognised and valued as the children's first and most influential teachers as we work to compliment the care they provide and ensure the children's safety, well-being and health are integral to our program. Together, access to resources, information and support networks that may enhance and strengthen the quality of family life, and the uniqueness of each family can be investigated.

We commit to honouring and strengthening relationships with families, to keeping families informed and to sharing the joys and challenges of family life/their lives, while building a history over time and generations.

The staff

Staff and educators are attentive to development, professional, experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated, devoted, supportive, respectful, committed and understanding. They are encouraged to bring their love of learning, skills, interests and passions to the program, while also being given access to resources and expertise to enable ongoing personal and professional growth, which contributes to the quality of outcome for the children and their families plus the staff themselves.

Through critical reflection and ongoing professional and personal development, our practice is based on contemporary perspectives and theories, continuity of learning and growth of knowledge and skills.

Meaningful documentation reflects the value placed on the growth and change occurring through the children's involvement and immersion in play. Educators purposefully and intentionally connect play opportunities with the children's life experiences, and also to that which the community values and thinks is necessary for children to know.

Challenges are accepted as opportunities to grow and learn, to actively listen, problem solve and negotiate, to collaborate with each other, the children, families and the community.

Informed decision making acknowledges the children's developing skills, dispositions for learning, current knowledge and attitudes as a strong foundation for life, which includes the transition to school.

The Community

Kellyville Preschool is well established and has been part of the community for a long time, being integral to society, striving to contribute positively, actively and progressively as a not-for-profit organisation and providing a service that is accessible, affordable and reflective of the diversity of needs in the local community in the present, while moving towards and embracing future change.

Our own preschool community reflects the immeasurable importance and relevance of the power of the community, of combining parent expertise, knowledge and skills with that of the staff, of preserving and growing the unique history, essence, traditions and identity of the service as community based - originally established by the community, for the community.

We invite, encourage, embrace and value community interest and involvement as we also reach out to engage in the everyday life of our community.