Supporters Program

Each year we reach out to local businesses and service providers to help support the preschool financially through our Supporters Program. In exchange for their generosity we provide opportunities for them to promote their businesses through avenues such as our Supporters Handbook and website.

We are extremely grateful for this opportunity to work with members of our local community and for their contributions and invite you to support them in return by visiting or contacting them when you have a need for their services.

Click on to each supporter image to view more information and their full contact details.

Parents Club

Our parents have been invaluable contributors to Preschool life, including through our Parent Club, which is elected annually to manage and organize the Preschool Supporter?s Program, social events to bring our families together and provide opportunities to access products that may be of interest to our families.

The Parent Club will continue to run activities that benefit the children and community.  The hard work and dedication of past and present groups has ensured this Preschool is well maintained and equipped to cater for the needs of the children and their families. Their meeting are held monthly on Wednesday evenings.